Zhejiang EBYER Housewares co,.ltd.

Zhejiang EBYER housewares co,.ltd. was established on January 8, 2010. Is the wallpaper production base of Ebyer Household Products (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. located in mainland China. Located in the famous weaving town of China - Wang Jiangjing, Relying on the parent company Jiaxing Xiuhong experience in flocking fabrics for more than 20 years, With the development of the Hong Kong Ebyer R&D Center, Focus on developing high-end wallpapers, Through the grasp of fashion trends,Create a beautiful, stylish and environmentally friendly functional wallpaper.

Ebyer wallpaper department covers an area of 10,000 square meters and a building area of 18,000 square meters.initial investment was 120 million yuan. soft improvement department covers an area of 20,000 square meters and a building area of 23,000 square meters. In the flocking industry for nearly 20 years, it has a good reputation in the flocking industry.

Ebyer wallpaper is based on the belief of “excellent high quality”. Continue the business philosophy of the predecessors, Every wallpaper is carefully developed. Combining the design concepts of international designers such as Germany, Italy, France and Hong Kong.

At present, Ebyer wallpaper has the most advanced computer design auxiliary equipment in China. 8 different production lines, equipped with large-scale high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials at home and abroad to meet different product needs,effectively support the development of new products. The wallpapers of the home improvement series use imported non-woven paper as the bottom paper, and all the inks are water-based environmentally friendly inks. Because Ebyer believes that domestic wallpaper can also be comparable to imported wallpaper. Through the rigor of the procurement of raw materials, the authenticity of the products in the market is guaranteed, and the dealers' trust is won and the consumers' recognition is won. The national market has 3,000 dealers, which have been widely recognized by domestic distributors after ten years of market testing; The global export business involves Russia, India, Dubai, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey, etc., and has won the trust of foreign businessmen; Jiaxing local market, we choose direct sales to Jiaxing people to bring the most favorable prices, cutting-edge products and the most sound service system.

development history


  • 2018

    March,Italian Tindy wall covering Grand listing,
    In August of the same year, the solitary high-
    precision luxury wall covering was launched.

  • 2016

    Ebyer was named the most growth brand.

  • 2015

    March,Ebyer wallpaper series new investment in creating a designer brand.

  • 2014

    March,Add a wide non-woven wallpaper,flocking wallpaper,add a strong color to the Ebyer family.
  • 2011

    March,Ebyer wallpaper officially put into operation,debut at the 11th China Wallpaper Exhibition.

  • 2009

    January,Ebyer home furnishing wallpaper production base was founded.
  • 2005

    August,Was awarded the third "member unit" of the China National Textile Industry Association.
  • 2000

    July, Ebyer home furnishing soft improvement department put into operation.
  • 1998

    January,founder Mr. Shi Liangen officially stepped into the cashmere industry.founded the Tianxing Flocking Factory.

corporate culture


The origin of Ebyer

Brand founder: Mr. Shi Liangen.
The original intention is to accompany the family, which means the great significance of the family; The extension means that the brothers will worship the alliance and create brilliance, which indicates the greatness of friendship. The combination of the two is the most important combination of the two friendships in the world, and further connects the wallpaper of Ebrey with the warmth between family and friendship. In terms of pronunciation, "Ebyer" is derived from the German language, adhering to this meaning, Ebrey is based on Oslo, Germany, and the imported American raw materials are paper. The quality is closely following the pace of imported brands, and the pattern design and color control are all from the Hong Kong Ebrey R&D Center. Create the "Ebyer" brand to maximize the quality and service for consumers to enjoy the beauty.

Implement brand creativity

Brand is a kind of identification mark, a spiritual symbol, a value concept, and is the core embodiment of excellent quality. The process of nurturing and creating brands is also a process of continuous innovation, and it has the power to innovate. In order to be in an invincible position in the fierce competition, and then consolidate brand assets, multi-level, multi-angle, multi-field participation in competition. Creativity is the soul and life of the brand. Ebrey people always take the product's functionality and product novelty as the premise of product research and development. Quality is also an indispensable factor to ensure the brand's long-lasting, so we put an end to cut corners, and strictly control the source of raw materials and products. With excellent performance, we firmly believe that environmental protection concept and technology functional wallpaper will become a new trend in the industry. Yibai will also adhere to its own belief and create a functional environmental wallpaper brand.

Corporate honor


leader's speech


Dear colleagues, staff:

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone for their work: Thank you for your hard work! Thank you for your support and cooperation! Seeing everyone's sweating work, I don't know what words I use to express my gratitude to all of you. I only once again say to everyone: "Thank you all, thank you!" It is this spiritual inheritance of "Unity and hard work, striving for first-class",let us strive for self-improvement, step by step to today. I feel happy and proud of such colleagues and employees.

After the development of the factory in the early stage, it has gradually moved to a new situation, but at the same time we have to face up to the problems of the factory. You can't just look at the immediate interests, don't think about progress, and do nothing. With the continuous development of the factory, it will be affected by the uncertain factors of the outside world. How do we face the external disadvantages, the unfavorable factor becomes favorable, this requires our supervisor to be prepared for danger. There must be a high degree of crisis awareness every moment, a sense of urgency, a change of mind, and continuous improvement; This requires each employee to be more conscious of themselves and change themselves, regardless of the position in which they must do their own work.

Churchill said: "A person must never turn his back to try to escape when he encounters a dangerous threat. If he does this, he will only double the danger, but if he does not shrink back immediately, the danger will be halved. ” Metabolism is a necessary process for the human body. It is also an internal change and life continuity inside the company. The factory set up a new leadership team this year,a tree needs a process from planting to growing, and in this process it is necessary to water, fertilize and experience the wind and rain to thrive. The new leadership team was established,everyone needs to be sincere and sincere to help and supervise. Of course, there are some difficulties in working, and some aspects are not suitable. Therefore, we all must work together and support each other. The factory has a high hope for the new generation, so our new team must establish a high degree of dedication, responsibility and mission, and be humble and willing to pay. Here, I encourage you guys to unite, self-criticize, absorb advanced, optimize yourself, face the test of the wind and rain, and put the work into practice.

Because this year's big environment is not ideal, it is a blow to the entire wallpaper industry, but also a test. The intensification of market competition has given the factory a lot of pressure. However, factories and employees are still struggling to create better performance in the same industry. thank you all! I have always believed that employees are the greatest asset of the company. Therefore, I hope that our supervisors should give full trust and respect, care and love to their employees. Take employees as their loved ones and actively use their initiative and creativity.

We sincerely hope that all employees and managers will work hard together to overcome all difficulties and strive to complete this year's production goals and tasks. Let us start from the daily work, let us hold hands together, shoulder to shoulder, overcome all difficulties. Constantly hone their will and improve their self-quality in their work. Be a person who has the quest to dare to take responsibility.

Finally, take this opportunity to thank the company for trust, encouragement and help! I would like to thank all the supervisors and staff of the factory for their support and help in my work! Sincerely thank you!

Chairman: Mr. Shi Liangen

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