Market Concept

To develop brand stores, with long-term development as the direction

Brand Effect

Brand is a kind of identification mark, a spiritual symbol, a value concept, and is the core embodiment of excellent quality.

Join Support

Strong support for dealers who join our company's brand stores.


A group of dealers who are branding as their business philosophy, together open the way for the brand

Elite Team

Professional sales elites help you take you to the path of profit creation.

Company Outlook

In five years, Ebyer will become another new brand in the domestic wallpaper industry.

Brand Execution

Implement strategic intent and achieve operational capabilities for the intended goals. It is the key to transforming corporate strategy
and planning into efficiency and results.

Technical Support

Our company can do a total of 8 production lines for flocking, non-woven, PVC, pure paper, yarn and wall covering products.

Product System

Domestic products that are independently developed and produced domestically, and foreign imported product resources are combined.

Training Guide

Companies that are not regularly available within a year send people to conduct promotional activities and professional training.

Join Conditions

Want to engage in building materials, construction industry and have certain business experience and brand manager concept
Have a relatively wide network of contacts in the local area
Recognize the Ebyer brand and the Ebyer product system and the future direction of Ebyer, and maintain the brand image of Ebyer
Leaders must have a strategic vision, respect market rules, have strong market development and management capabilities, and have good reputation.
Have sufficient capital chain to ensure smooth operation of the project